Hendrick’s Air and the Ministry of Time Travel

It’s been a month of wonderment and unusual bucket lists for this ambassador!

We voyaged on the Flying Cucumber, the Hendrick’s Airship, above beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. Stopping at North Carolina, I hosted a deconstruction of Hendrick’s Gin and ‘Tipplers and Talking Machines’, a curious conversation of the affinity between taste and sound featuring three antique phonographs and classic cocktails.

Then off to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, fast becoming the world’s biggest bar show, where I was delighted to host cucumber compatriots from across the globe.

We launched the Hendrick’s Air Departures Lounge, welcoming over 400 top industry guests from all over the world for a moment of luxury, relaxation, and great cocktails as they departed an intense week at Tales.

It was a great reminder of my background in service and hospitality, and a great example of our team giving back to those who support us behind the bar. Cheers to what’s next!


Fred Parent