A dram to you all!

As the new Balvenie Ambassador for East Coast USA I’ve been on quite a journey – from Speyside, where I worked for the last few years, to immersing myself in sharing our wonderful drams with NYC and beyond!

I’m so excited to have gotten to know some incredible characters at the distillery and now to share their knowledge and passion Stateside!

I’ve already been showcasing Balvenie to consumers at iconic American institutions: from an ear-poppingly tall Las Vegas skyscraper to pouring Balvenie for race car drivers (after driving!) at the Indy 500, sharing drams at Hollywood Boulevard celebrity hotspots and learning about Bourbon in the heart of Kentucky.

It’s also been special to share our pride for David Stewart MBE and his recognition from Her Majesty herself.

I’m missing my Grant’s family at the distillery but enjoying meeting a whole new welcoming family here in the USA!

Slàinte to colleagues old and new: raising a dram of Balvenie Doublewood to you all!

Gemma Paterson