From the City of Brotherly Love

Where do I begin? Being 22 years old, living in Philadelphia and representing the liquid gold that is Tullamore D.E.W, it’s a dream come true!

Philadelphia is my home away from home; I know it better than my own place of birth! I recently got back from Upstate New York, Buffalo and Rochester to be precise, where I got to celebrate my 22nd birthday and spread the word of D.E.W to the masses.

It’s a strange feeling standing in front of a crowd who are attending to hear ME teach them about whiskey. Imagine the faces of liquor professionals when I walk into a room!

The best part of a tasting in my opinion is the signature Tullamore D.E.W. toasts! Someone recently shared this one with me and I was pretty impressed:

“May Your Best Day Of 2015,

Be Your Worst Day Of 2016!”

Jack Casey