Hello from the heart of Ireland!

Three months into my new role I’ve quickly realised Tullamore doesn’t have a hipster community. But that’s about to change as we ramp up our level of local whiskey sipping culture like times of old.

The distillery itself is in a constant state of development in what seems to be an ever expanding entity. I love the diversity of guests at the distillery, from Russian bloggers to American bartenders and Israeli sales reps. It keeps me on my toes and my Hebrew’s improving by the day!

Presently I’m pretty excited about some upcoming plans to launch our D.E.W. and a Brew campaign, where we’ll be doing a series of activations to promote how Tullamore is the perfect accompaniment to your beer of choice. Just remember: Good beer loves Tully, so sit back, relax, sip, savour, repeat! @tullamore sipster (instagram)


Kevin Pigott