The French invasion … it’s continuous!!!

I’ve been working for Sailor Jerry in France for five years now and I’m delighted to see how my work has been growing and evolving. Back then I started canvassing bars because they simply didn’t stock Sailor Jerry. It wasn’t easy to introduce a new brand…

But today, Sailor Jerry’s spreading everywhere. We’re now part of major events and participate in one of the biggest festivals in France: Hellfest.

Sailor Jerry’s a brand that consumers identify with. They’re not drinking rum, they’re drinking a community…the Sailor Jerry Community!! And my job’s about building this community and sustaining it.

I love working for Sailor Jerry and I LOVE this brand.

I have great plans for developing the brand in France. And after that I’d love to expand my Sailor Jerry work to another country, or a city … like Montréal…!

Bonne journée

Marjorie Dumontel