Home and away

After six years as Brand Ambassador I’m still excited to travel both to places I know and places I’ve never been. So far this year’s been a wild ride!

I went on the Cinderella Whisky Fair, the only whisky show I know that’s on a ship, super-excited to present Grant’s Elementary and to present with Kevin Abrook!

Then to Paris, to present Grant’s Elementary to shop managers at Charles de Gaulle airport, then to Scotland for more whisky training. And that’s just going abroad!

Poland, one of our biggest growing markets, really appreciates whisky knowledge. Already this year I’ve trained over 200 bartenders, given 15 training sessions, organised two whisky-food pairing dinners and raised funds for one of our Polish bartender’s daughters, born with a really rare form of eye cancer. Our Grant’s cocktails and a bottle that Ian Millar kindly donated raised over £1,000!

Now I’m flying to a whisky food pairing with one of Poland’s best chefs!

Na zdrowie!

Mateusz Zabiegaj