10,000 miles and still going strong

Since starting this role 365 days ago I’ve accompanied Grant’s bottles over more than 10,000 miles, sharing laughs with hundreds of bartenders and Grant’s fans. Have I an appetite for more?? You bet!

We recently threw one of the year’s coolest parties in New Delhi. Honoring our iconic triangular bottle, everything at the Triangle Effect had three sides – Grant’s cocktails with three ingredients, three musicians jamming (a lady bagpiper, a DJ and a percussionist), triangular food bites and stunning triangular visual effects. Look out for the video on the Grant’s India Facebook …

Today I’m in Kolkata, where Charles Gordon first arrived in India in 1909 with a bag full of whisky and an order book he soon filled. I’m here, 107 years later, also with a bag full of Grant’s whisky and aiming to rekindle the love between Grant’s and the people here. How will I get on?? Well… you’ll have to wait for my next postcard.

Rohan Bhardwaj