Pricing Coordinator

Edison, New Jersey

When did you join William Grant & Sons?      

June 2011


What’s the best thing about working for William Grant & Sons?

I love the environment of the company. I also love the fact that we are a medium sized company where people don’t get lost in the pack.  A larger company doesn't provide the networking opportunities with senior executives or enable you to facilitate relationships with your peers, but we get these opportunities here.  At William Grant & Sons they make you feel like you’re part of a family and they go out of their way to keep you informed of what’s happening within the company. 


Tell us a little bit about your role at William Grant & Sons: what do you get involved with/how does your role support the business?

Currently, I am working as the Pricing Coordinator for the company. I input pricing for all 50 states and work with colleagues on any issues we might have with any of the states. I am in constant contact with the Control State boards who are quite strict when it comes to pricing regulations. Additionally, I make sure our Licenses, Permits and Brand Registrations are up to date so we don’t have any issue selling any of our amazing brands. 


How would you describe your personality/character and what makes you a unique employee?

I have a positive and enthusiastic approach to tasks that can be perceived as very administrative and not very exciting. My dedication combined with my calming personality allows me to build trust both internally and externally with our business partners and stakeholders.  My ultimate goal is to continue to be approachable and to show confidence to my colleagues so that they know I am reliable and effective when it comes to addressing challenges that would compromise our goals


What’s your favourite of our brands and why?

The company has many great brands but I always have a bit of a weakness for Hendrick’s Gin. At any company event, I always gravitate to Hendrick’s. Being that it is such a unique brand, the cocktails which are made with Hendrick’s are very refreshing and DELICIOUS!!