Country Manager South Africa and Southern Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

When did you join William Grant & Sons?      

February 2012


What’s the best thing about working for William Grant & Sons?

Working for a family-owned company allows me to be far more entrepreneurial in the way I manage my role.   Additionally, the company is able to take a longer-term approach to the way things are done, which has led to the creation of some truly unique brands like Hendrick’s Gin, Monkey Shoulder and Sailor Jerry. Working for William Grant & Sons truly offers me the best of both worlds – a global organisation with leading brands that still has the fun and free-mindset of a challenger company.


Tell us a little bit about your role at William Grant & Sons: what do you get involved with/how does your role support the business?

I have overall responsibility for the Southern Africa region which comprises South Africa, various Southern African markets and Indian Ocean Islands.   I work closely with our local distribution partners in each market in order to grow the brand portfolio in a way that is aligned with our global strategies.  My territory contributes a major share of the African business and, as such, is an important component in the delivery of the company’s overall 5 year plan.


How would you describe your personality/character and what makes you a unique employee?

I was born in Johannesburg and have spent most of my life in South Africa while travelling extensively into Africa – this really helps with my understanding of geographies and local consumers.  I have an incredible passion for the continent - as many people would say...”Africa gets into your blood”.  I’m energetic, optimistic and always enjoy sharing a dram – pretty much like everyone that has grown up as part of South Africa’s “Rainbow Nation”.  


What’s your favourite of our brands and why?

There’s little that beats an ice cold Monkey Shoulder and ginger ale on a hot African summer’s day!