Global Brand Ambassador, Grant's

UK & Ireland
Job Type
Closing Date

Job Purpose

Be the main consumer-facing figurehead / spokesperson for the Grant’s brand globally. Bring the core brand values to life with the off- and on-trade, encouraging trial and retrial.  

Key Responsibilities & Critical Success Measures

• Recruit and inspire brand consumers’, building the brands image and awareness (Equity) to ensure continued growth and awareness of the brand

• Build relationships with key bartenders and other On/Off Trade opinion formers, educating them to become advocates for the brand and establish a platform to reach out to opinion forming consumers

• Collect market intelligence and share this with Global and Local Marketing Teams and other interested parties to enable a collective targeted drive.

• Bring brand & consumer knowledge and expertise to bear on marketing projects, especially in the area of consumer recruitment/mentoring to assist in knowledge sharing

• Be a source of Brand knowledge to our own employees (and extended community), helping to make ambassadors of us all

• Support the Global Brand Team in being a link for the wider Brand Ambassador community by networking and coaching them, swapping information and best practice allowing knowledge to be widely spread throughout the WG&S team

• Be the ‘on call’ ambassador for local market visits, often last minute requests.

• Scale up, roll out and increase the reach (to non-ambassador markets) of “ambassador lead” on-trade or media activities.

• Oversee local market and agencies annual sampling agenda to ensure the right balance is struck and events / samples are as well executed as they can be. 

• Assist in the expansion of a global influencer network for the brand.

Functional Competencies

Leading and Supervising

•Provides others with a clear direction

•Sets appropriate standards of behaviour

•Delegates work appropriately and fairly

•Motivates and empowers others

Working with People

• Demonstrates an interest in and understanding of others

• Adapts to the team and builds team spirit

• Recognises and rewards the contribution of others

• Listens, consults others and communicates proactively 

• Supports and cares for others

• Develops and openly communicates self-insight, such as an awareness of own strengths and weaknesses

Relating and Networking

• Establishes good relationships with customers and staff

• Builds wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside the organisation

• Relates well to people at all levels

• Manages conflict

• Uses humour appropriately to enhance relationships with others

Persuading and Influencing

• Makes a strong personal impression on others

• Gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, convincing and negotiating

• Promotes ideas on behalf of self or others

• Makes effective use of political processes to influence and persuade others

Adapting and Responding to Change

• Adapts to changing circumstances

• Accepts new ideas and change initiatives

• Adapts interpersonal style to suit different people or situations

• Shows respect and sensitivity towards cultural and religious differences

• Deals with ambiguity, making positive use of the opportunities it presents

Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking

• Keeps up to date with competitor information and market trends

• Identifies business opportunities for the organisation

• Demonstrates financial awareness

• Controls costs and thinks in terms of profit, loss and added value

Desirable Qualifications & Experience

• Spirits industry knowledge and experience

• Strong key account management and marketing experience

• Financial management experience (P&L, tax systems)

• Proven ability to operate in different markets and cultures

Personal Characteristics

• Strong integrity and sociability skills to effectively manage and develop relationships with global partners

• Demonstrates cultural sensitivity and curiosity to effectively maintain internal and external relationships

• Adaptable to changing markets whilst having the drive and resilience to succeed

• Self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit, who has the ability to test an idea and then scale a proven concept into a business


Be Proud 

We are proud of our brands, our heritage, and our commitment to superior quality in our products.

Be Responsible 

We are accountable and are committed to performing to our full potential within our teams, and as individuals.

Be Professional 

We value integrity, transparency, professionalism and constructive debate within a team working culture.

Be Entrepreneurial 

We foster a forward thinking and pioneering culture that recognises the need for innovative thinking and continuous improvement.

Think Long Term 

We all care deeply about the long term prosperity of the business and understand that this long term perspective gives us a major competitive advantage.

Be Sustainable 

We wish to make a positive contribution to our communities and to our environment.

Eligibility / Selection Criteria

Overall, we are looking for someone who can be a credible and authentic figurehead for the brand around the world. The successful candidate will probably – but not necessarily - have prior experience in the drinks sector. They will have the energy, talent and drive to drive trial and retrial in a variety of markets across the world, appealing to a wide cross-section of target markets. You will be online-savvy, with an existing social media audience we can help to grow. Over 25 years old, you will speak English fluently and bring the brand stories to life in entertaining and compelling ways at scale. You’ll love to travel, embracing new cultures and behaviours, celebrating collective achievement. Overall, you’ll understand exactly what it means to #StandTogether. Find full Ts&Cs here.    

Stage #1: Instagram (or Facebook) / Email applications

We are looking for someone who can embody their approach and personality in a drink containing three ingredients (including Grant’s whisky). We will be assessing entries against the following three criteria:-

Distinctiveness: Is the drink intriguingly different? Does it align with the core brand values ie celebrating collective achievement?

Creativity: Does the drink have an interesting name? Is the copy engaging? Does the accompanying picture exhibit an ability to capture the attention of others?

Intrigue: Does the drink tease the imagination and make the audience want to learn more about you and how you might excite a wide range of new and existing audiences across the world? Can you demonstrate that you can charm people with whom you have no existing relationship?

Avoid silly spelling mistakes. Make sure your privacy settings mean we can see your entry. And most importantly for Instagram / Facebook entries, include the hashtag #GrantsInterview.   

Max entries per person: 3

Deadline: 30 August 2017

From all of our entries in Stage #1, we will select 250 and send a short application form to these people asking for more information. From completed entries, we will then work with our three global influencers (link) and internal team to narrow the field to 20 who will be invited to ‘The Mixer’ event in Scotland… 

Stage #2: The Mixer

The Mixer event will take place in mid-September at Grant’s spiritual home in Scotland, the original family distillery in Dufftown, Speyside.  

We will provide travel and accommodation (two nights) for our final 20 candidates to attend the event where they’ll be set a series of challenges relevant to the job, designed by our global influencers and internal team. More details about the challenges and the specific selection criteria will be confirmed to attendees nearer to the event.  

From our final 20, three finalists will be confirmed by the end of September to embark on our final stage… 

Stage #3: The Journey

Our three finalists will each visit three different destinations across ten days, leaving mid-October. For example:  




Each finalist will be given a suitcase of Grant’s when they arrive in each destination, echoing the epic journey undertaken by Charles Grant Gordon in 1909 when he took Grant’s whisky to the world. Accompanied by a personal videographer to document their journey, each finalist will liaise with our local teams to set up events that bring the brand’s stories and core values to life in entertaining ways. Their adventures will be featured on our website and official social media presences. The key objective will be to take the drink highlighted in their initial entry to the groups of friends they’ve not met yet. Again, success criteria will be spelt out in detail to Finalists ahead of their journey. The person who best demonstrates these criteria on their journey – decided by our global influencers and internal team - will be offered the job of Global Brand Ambassador. 

2018: Recreating CGG’s Epic Journey

During next year, our new Global Brand Ambassador will visit many of the destinations visited by Charles Grant Gordon in 1909. The final itinerary will be finalised in December with our successful candidate, in association with our teams in local markets.